Matrix Inverse Block

Matrix Inverse Block

The Matrix Inverse block emits the vector solution to the invertible matrix problem for an input matrix (2d vector). The input must square (rows == columns).

The second outport of the block emits True if the input was successfully inverted, False otherwise.


  • Method [Inverse | SVD ]
    • Inverse: Emits the matrix inversion of the input, if it is indeed invertible.
    • SVD (experimental): Emits the Singular Value Decomposition Pseudoinverse of the input matrix. This is an iterative, least-square approximate solution. Although more computationally intensive, it better handles over-determined input, rank deficient input, and is more numerically stable.


Matrix inverse example
Inverting a square 2x2 matrix using the default Inverse method
Matrix inverse SVD example
Inverting a square 2x2 matrix using the SVD method, which solves the non-invertible example matrix. The Is Valid outport shows the SVD solution marked valid, while the normal inverse solution is invalid.