Timer Block

Timer Block

The Timer block allows timekeeping around discrete events - either by Stopwatch mode or Countdown mode.

The input signal serves as the trigger to start the timer. Any input which is "True" will commence the timer. If the Interruptible option is enabled, the timer will reset every iteration where the input is True. Otherwise, the timer will commence on the first True value. It will then either count down and reset at zero, or count up without ever restarting.

This block is useful for tracking how much time has passed since an event for logical conditions.


  • Countdown Time S: (default = 10s): Specifies where to begin the CountDown timer, if selected.
  • Interruptible: (default = True): Specifies whether the timer will restart with subsequent True trigger input.
  • Method [CountDown | StopWatch]
    • CountDown: Once initiated, the timer will emit a countdown, starting from the Countdown Time S parameter, which will reach zero and then reset.
    • StopWatch: Once initiated, the timer will emit the seconds since it began. It will count forever, unless Interruptible.


Timer Example