Welcome to Pictorus Beta!

Welcome to Pictorus Beta!

Pictorus is a cloud-native visual programming tool for hardware, which generates and deploys Rust-language code to connected devices directly from your browser.

Our solution is simple:

  1. Pair your dev hardware to the cloud
  2. Draw your application logic visually in a browser
  3. Deploy compiled code and observe it running in real-time, within seconds.

After a year of closed development we're excited to launch our free open Beta and see what we can build together!

Getting Started

Head on over to our Interface Tour to learn more about the app builder interface.

You can also read about projects we've built so far, as well as some technical deep dives into the product by visiting our blog.

Supported Hardware

For now, we fully support the Raspberry Pi single board computer line, and expect Beta testers to have success with the Jetson and Beaglebone series as well. Other SBCs running Linux operating systems, such as Odriods, etc may also work, but have not been well tested and are not officially supported. We're aiming to support a wide array of platforms within the year.

Pi ZeroBeagleBonePi3/4BJetson Nano
Pi Zero
Raspberry Pi4
Jetson Nano

Beta Limitations

We've tried to put very few limits on what you can do with our free product during Beta. But if any of these restrictions are a problem for your project, please reach out and we'd be delighted to work with you.

  • Up to 5 devices can be paired simultaneously.
  • Telemetry streams from devices are limited to about 1Mb/sec, and no faster than 10hz.
  • Simulations up to 100,000 iterations are allowed.
  • Compiled executables can be downloaded, but raw source code cannot.

More on this in our FAQs.