Bytes Split Block

Bytes Split Block

The Bytes Split block attempts to split byte data based off a given delimiter


  • bytes: bytes data to split


  • output_n (dynamic): Scalar or bytes signal corresponding to values configured in the block parameters
  • Is Valid: A boolean representing whether the data is valid as determined by the Stale Age (ms) param


  • Field Delimiter (default = ","): String or bytes delimiter to split the data on. For a bytes literal, escape the characters using \x (i.e. \x20 for the unicode ' ' corresponding to the hexadecimal value 0x20).
  • Select Indexes: The indexes to pick from the split data. These will be output as individual signals from the block.
    • Label: The name of the signal that will be output from the block
    • Data Index: The index (zero-indexed) to extract from the split data. For instance, selecting index 1 from the input data "1.0,2.0,3.0,4.0" split on the character ",", would return the scalar 2.0
    • Type (Number | Bytes): Select whether the data should be interpreted as a scalar number, or bytes that will be parsed again downstream
  • Stale Age (ms) (default = 1000): Age from last valid data parsed when the block will output Is Valid as False