Bytes Unpack Block

Bytes Unpack Block

The Bytes Unpack block unpacks data from a packed struct


  • bytes: bytes data to unpack


  • output_n (dynamic): Scalar signal corresponding to values configured in the block parameters
  • Is Valid: A boolean representing whether the data is valid as determined by the Stale Age (ms) param


  • Unpack Bytes: Configure how input data will be unpacked
    • Label: The name of the output signal corresponding to this value
    • Type: The data type and size this value will be interpreted as for decoding
      • The letter indicates the type of data: u = unsigned integer, i = signed integer, f = float
      • The numbers indicate the number of bits used to represent the value
      • For instance, specifying i64 will decode the value as a 64-bit signed integer
  • Stale Age (ms) (default = 1000): Age from last valid data parsed when the block will output Is Valid as False