Frequency Filter Block

Frequency Filter Block

The Frequency Filter block emits either a high pass or low pass filter of the input, analogous to a first-order RC filter, specified by a cutoff frequency. For more details on derivation, read up here.

This first-order filter is effective for attenuating undesirable frequencies from sensor measurements, enhancing the quality of the signal. In the context of a high-pass filter, components of the signal with frequencies below the specified cutoff frequency will be attenuated, allowing only higher frequencies to pass through. Conversely, the low-pass filter implementation will attenuate signal components with frequencies above the cutoff, allowing only lower frequencies to pass through. A first-order filter provides a balance between simplicity and effectiveness, making it suitable for many applications where precision and computational efficiency are crucial.


  • Method [HighPass | LowPass]
    • HighPass: Preserves the power of high-frequency signals while attenuating signals with frequencies below the cutoff.
    • LowPass: Preserves the power of low-frequency signals while attenuating signals with frequencies above the cutoff.
  • Cutoff Frequency (hz) (default = 10.0): Frequency above or below which attenuation will be focused for the filter.


IIR Filter Example