Getting Started with Devices

There are 3 basic steps that must be completed to deploy software to a connected device from Pictorus:

  1. Connect your device to the internet
  2. Install the Pictorus manager on your device
  3. Register your device with Pictorus

Connecting Your Device to Wifi

In order to interact with your device in the Pictorus UI, you'll need to ensure it's connected to the internet. These instructions vary from device to device, so you should follow the setup instructions associated with your hardware. Here are some links to network setup instructions for some common boards.

Registering your device with Pictorus

(You can also read our Blog post on setting up devices for more details.)

In order to deploy software to your device, we need to install our device manager, and register the device with Pictorus cloud.

Install Pictorus on device

SSH into your device, and simply run the following to install the Pictorus device manager locally:

sudo pip3 install pictorus

Register device with Pictorus

Next, run the CLI to register the device. A prompt you to verify your Pictorus login credentials, before asking you to name the device. Note: if your account was created with a Google/Github sign in, you will need a token to configure the device. Click the toggle button above the listed commands to generate a token for authentication.

sudo pictorus-cli configure

Authenticating with a token (for accounts set up with Google/Github):

Get authentication token

Registering your device

Once this is done, you should be able to select your device from the deployment drop down menu in the upper-right hand corner of the app builder.

Registering your device

From here, you have the ability to push software to your device as long as it remained online, using the Deploy button just to the right of the device selection drop-down. Apps deployed to devices do not automatically start running (for safety), so you must hit the Play button to the right to start the app. At any time, you can hit Stop to stop the app. A note of caution: Your device must retain a stable internet connection to Start/Stop reliably!