Tips and Tricks

A compendium of little tips and tricks to make diagramming easier!


We'd like to greatly expand our list of hotkeys, to eventually make a dev experience that requires little or no mouse clicking. For now, you can access the list of available hotkeys using Shift+?: Hotkeys

Block auto-connect

Maybe the most useful hotkey - rather than dragging connections from one block to another, you can speed things up by selecting the block you'd like to create a connection from, and then hover near + ctl to automatically connect:

Auto connect blocks

Feedback loop to self

If you want to feed a block back to itself, you currently need to inject an intermediate block. The Gain block is ideal, because by default it applies no transformation to the input signal:

Feedback loops

Flipping block horizontally

As seen with the Gain block in the feedback animation above, you can flip a block horizontally with ctl+i. You can also do this from the right-click menu. This is helpful for keeping feedback loops tidy.